Deena Daya Seva Trust

Who we are

We the Deena Daya Seva Trust is a service oriented organization started functioning in April 2000 at Thodupuzha. By the grace of God, almost all Social activities initiated by the Trust during the last 14 years are widely accepted and appreciated by the general public. Indeed, we are obliged to the magnanimity of the like minded people for who, whole heartedly had supported our different projects.

From the inception of the Trust, we desired to start a rehabilitation centre. We had in our mind, a different concept about such a centre. It should not be a mere shelter for the weak and destitute, but a man making centre concentrating on the overall development of the inmates, cultivating in them confidence and optimism. For the realization of such a glorious dream, we started the orphanage “Gokulam Bala Bhavan” in the year 2005.

Some of our activities listed below

  • Deena Daya Social development society for empowerment of women.
    Deena Daya Paliative homecare service for destined to give provide a healing touch to vietimes of chronic diseases and old age disabilities.
    Deena Daya Ambulance Services, offering free service to poor families.
    Giving financial assistance to for medical treatment and pension elimens to Cancer patients and economically backward patients.
    Educational support to financially backward for professional courses, mainly medicine and beginning.
    Providing educational accessories as school uniforms, books, school bags, Umbrellas to school going children of poor families at the time of school opening.
    Family counseling to couples facing strained family relations.
    Organizes medicalcamps for the early detection of diseases and provides free treatment