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For Womens & Childres : We are ensuring a letter life for women and children of all ages.With the objectives to reach out to as many people as we can assisting them to get over the miseries and problem life problems and to make their lives dignified several programmes were formed. Gokulam Balabhavan for Children who lost the tranquility and security of life.

Self Help Groups ( SHG ) are the catalyst in the community development. Deen Daya Social Development Society is the federating agency of the Self Help Groups. Aim of the trust is to form a women self cooperative society. More than 1000 women with the motive of working together have joined the self help groups.Environment friendly Eco bags for eliminating plastic, is the flag ship project of the SHG’s which was launched in association with the Thodupuzha Municipality, Merchants Association, and the Lions Club of Thodupuzha..This project is running healthy with the co operation of the general public.
Do you need help? 24 Hour Crisis Line: 04862-220102/9387989888/9495571336

Ambulance Service :Trust operates an Ambulance service powered by the STATE BANK OF TRAVANCORE, to serve for the benefit of the community. The service rendered is free to the poor families who are incapable to meet the charges of private operators.The new Ambulance was flagged off by Mr.Pradeep Chowdary, Co-Chairman, SBI-SBT, on 27th May 2013.
For Emergency Assistance? 24 Hour Help Line: 04862-220102/9499508899

Palliative care unit:The TRUST is embarking upon a new mission…The life style diseases and fatal diseases like Cancer are on the rise among all sections of the society. More than anything else destitute and people who are terminally ill need a healing touch. Government machinery has introduced Pain and Palliative care units at Municipal and Panchayath levels.But they find it difficult to cope with the ever increasing number of patients. It is this felt need that have prompted us to launch a pain and palliative care unit. We intent to avail off the service of trained Nurses to arrange home care units and offer palliative treatment to those who are terminally ill and to those who can not afford hospitalisation.
For Assistance? 24 Hour Help Line: 04862-220102/9499508899/984719008