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The Deenadaya Social Developing Society was launched in the year Director of Bharathiya Vicharkendra, at empowerment of women, and therapy over all development of the society. Now the society holds 25 (SHGS) and around 500 families. Basically the self help groups are aimed for erecting a peaceful pleasant atmosphere among the families and providing a time of reloaf and exchange of ideas of to its members. In addition they are undertaking income generation progress. The “Echo Carry Bag” unit started by Hariliarants unit at Muthalakodam became popular as a successful among progress in Thodupuzha. The catering service unit start by cent at edavaty also ganed public attention. We are enlighting these achievements since it is the advisement of who common who were house wives only. It is a result of empowerment of the women through the SHGs.