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Counselling is the common name for a variety of psychological interventions designed to help people resolve, emotional, behavioural, or interpersonal problems of various kinds and improve the quality of their lives.
Family counselling helps people in handling relationship difficulties. It gives better knowledge about how to manage the personal or interpersonal issues with the family and children during marriage, separation, divorce. Different families have different problems. Family counselling helps to overcome these situations successfully. After participating in family counselling people will learn more about themselves and most importantly how their family functions. Every one already knows that the well-functioning Family counselling centre is part of the Deendayal trust. As an experienced, skilled and well-rounded group of Registered Clinical Counsellors and Psychologist, we serve our more network via counselling as our customers grow. We create a confidential space where clients are seen and heard. We recognize the courage to engage in this connection. We empower our clients to obtain holistic health; emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and relational. Our vision is a mind with caring, connected communities and happy loving families.
The benefits of counselling vary from family to family. They can
* developing healthy boundaries
* improving communication
* defining someone’s role within the family
* improving family dynamics and relationships
* providing strength and coping tools for family members
* addressing dysfunctional interactions
* improving the family’s problem-solving abilities The different types of counselling provided by us:
* Marriage and Family Counselling.
* Educational Counselling.
* Rehabilitation Counselling.
* Mental Health Counselling.
* Substance Abuse Counselling.
* Child Paediatric Counselling.
* Guidance and career Counselling
* Educational Counselling.
* Professional growth counselling.
Counselling in charge: – ASHA G MA (Psychology, Malayalam) M ed, MPhil.PG Diploma in counselling