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The trust embowered up on a new noble mission on 27th of Sepr. 2013. The lifestage disease and fatal dease cancer are on the rise among allseetions of the society. More than anything else, destitute and people who are terminatly ill need a healing touch. The palliative care unit introduced by Govt. madineray at Municipaled Panchayath levels final it different to cope with ever emeresing number of patients. It is this felt need prompted us to launch palliative homecare service unit. The service of two trained nurses with the team leader from the forms the eoustitutes this cents.Bedriddem patients and people suffering from oldage disabilities are under continuous care of the team. The team is offering continous visits and palliative care with a healing touch and kind words to Bed ridden patients and old people suffering from oldage disabilities. We provide the forms of various pension and helping plans fortreatment diseased arecolle to the deserving patients and assisting them to get the benefits of the ******. We provide air beds/waterbeds, and cotton beds to the meedy generally backward bedridden patients. We are trying to provide medicines to patients poor families and it is our aim to provide scheme of labour to partionallyhandicaped patients. We are dreaming to extend the palliative team works in nearby panchayaths. It is our glorious dream to extend educate the abandoned people and bring to up their life standard to cape with present society.

*i In view of the alarmingly increased rate of terminal chronic diseases as Cancer, Kidney failures, Liver and Heart diseases, the trust stepped into the noble mission of Home care palliative services in the year of 2013.
*The palliative team is constituted with a team leader on voluntery services from the trust and two palliative trained nurses with GNM and BSc nursing qualification and hospital working experiences.
*The team envisages the home care visit once in a month and additional visits on demand of the situations.
*All nursing assistances as
+wound dressing
+Ryles tube
+Bp-Sugar monitoring
+and hygienic atmosphere ensuring etc:: are ensured during the visits.
*Apart from the nursing care the team extends a healing touch for the mental agonies of the ailing families with loving approach, financial help, supply of medicines for patients on prolonged treatment, educational assistance to the children, and supply of supporting materials as Airbed, Wheel chair ,Walker, dressing materials, Diapers etc:: *All the services are free of cost.
*At present 102 patients are under the care of the team And so far 361 patients are registered under the service.


Kaval, a project of the state government in association with the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (Nimhans) for psychological rehabilitation of Children in Conflict with Law. The purpose of the program is to reach out children in conflict with law(CCL) and provide psycho social services for the children and their family. This will ensure holistic care focusing the preventive, promotive and curative aspects of mental health.
The psychosocial care program for Children in Conflict with Law is to be Implemented at four levels such as community, individual, family and at program and policy level, The preventive programs at community level need to be carried out by NGO/CBO, Schools and local self Government bodies to ensure better social environment as well as support Children in Conflict with Law In the community through support services from Government and Non-governmental organization.
Under the department of women and child development, Govt.of Kerala in collaboration with NIMHANS initiated the program on “ Psychosocial care for children in conflict with law in kerala” to address the issues of the child in conflict with law. Deena Daya Seva Trust is one of the two NGOs in Idukki district which implement Kaval project in this district. Kaval project was started in Idukki district during November 2018. One coordinator and one case worker having MSW qualification is working here for the implementation of the project.